Bali Elephant Ride

Bali Elephant Ride give you the opportunity to best riding an elephant into the jungle, village and rice terrace in Bali. This activity is the most favorite adventure in Bali,  just imagine yourself like a king riding an elephant on a teak chair swaying back and forth with the movement of this greatest mammals! It’s once in a lifetime experience you’ll always remember as you enjoy the superb sceneries : its secret pathways, its lovely sights and its dense forest plants where live song birds, gibbons, and local monkeys in their own habitat.

Come and join us in this unforgettable trip !!!

Bali Elephant Safari Park

Bali Elephant Safari Park is acclaimed as the World’s Best Elephant Park, facilities include a full Reception and information Centre, a comprehensive Museum, with a large collection of elephant memorabilia and the only Mammoth Skeleton in South East Asia. The internationally Elephant Safari Park is not only a sanctuary for this protected and endangered species, […]

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Bakas Elephant Tour

Bakas Elephant Tour is one of the best elephant park in bali offer selective riding that you can try on your holiday. it is located at the Starting Point of Bakas Levi Rafting, a prime tourist destination in Bali that enable the package to be combined with Kintamani Tour, Besakih Tour and other tour package […]

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Bali Elephant Camp

Bali Elephant Camp is one of the elephant park which is located at unspoiled villages in the Carang Sari district. Preciesly between the rice paddies, jungle and Ayung river (where the white water rafting take place). All elephants are coming from Sumatra, we are from tourism side would like to try our best to conserve […]

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