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Tourism Contributes 65 Percent To Bali’s Income

Saturday, November 3 2012 20:04 WIB | Business | Dibaca 234 kali

Denpasar (Antara Bali) – Tourism industry including trade, hotel  and restaurant sector, contributes more than 65 percent to Bali’s Gross Regional Domestic Product every year, the Bali office of the Central Statistic Agency said.

Significant contributions also come from business in the transport, communications, finance and  rental  and corporate service, head of the Bali’s BPS Gede Suarsa said here on Saturday.

Bali has no significant natural resources other than its natural beauty  and  culture, Gede Suarsa said.

Bali, therefore, relies more  on its tourism industry  and its supporting industries.

He said ahead of the APEC meeting here in 2013, development of  infrastructure is brisk in the tourist island.

He cited work is in full gear for the expansion of the Nugrah Rai International Airport  and construction of toll road of   Serngan-Benoa  and underpass that provides new connection between Denpasar and a number of regencies  on the island.

Meanwhile, he noted the contribution of the primary (agricultural) sector to Bali gross regional domestic product is shrinking  because of encroaching urbanization.

Encroaching urbanization reduces 436 hectares or 0.5 percent of farm lands in Bali every year, Gede Suarsa said.

The manufacturing sector, therefore, growing more in contribution to Bali’s economic development.(*/T007)

source : bali.antaranews

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