Balinese Maestro Escaped From Death

Balinese Maestro Escaped From Death

Balinese painting maestro Dr. I Nyoman Gunarsa (58) got the traffic accident in Tegal, Central Java, on the way home from Jakarta.

“Due to the accident, Gunarsa’s driver named Wayan Wartana (30) passed away,” said Made Wija, Gunarsa Museum employee, when contacted from Denpasar.

In addition, Gunarsa’swife, Indra Wati Gunarsa suffered fracture and had to undergo treatment at a hospital in Tegal due to the traffic accidents occurred on Monday (22/10) at 05.00 am.

“Mr. Gunarsa alone survived in the accident with the reserve driver Faridman,” said Wija who keep in touch with Gunarsa in Tegal.

Meanwhile, the body of Wayan Wartana arrived in Banda hamlet, Klungkung regency, this morning.

When the incident occurred, there were three passengers in the car besides the driver, i.e. Faridman as the reserve driver, Gunarsa, and his wife.

According Wija, the victim was used to drive the car from Bali to Jakarta, Yogyakarta and other cities in Java.

“Mr. Gunarsa until now is still in Tegal, in addition to look after his wife and resolve case of traffic accidents that recently happened,” said Made Wija.

Source : the bali time

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